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Vietnam Green Environment Co.


Vietnamese Title: Cty môi trường Việt Nam Xanh

English Title: Vietnam Green Environment Co.

Address: 42 Le Trung Nghia Str., Ward 12, Tan Binh Dist.,

Province: Ho Chi Minh

Director: Nguyễn Thị Phong Nguyên

Tel: 38428383, 38494176,

Fax: 38494176, 39485767

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Main Business: CHEMICALS

About Us:

Vnxanh - Vietnam Green Environment Company – The lead in environmental technology field in Vietnam, Vnxanh has been carried out hundred of projects in public and commercials, We supports your firms set up the pollution prevention programs for environmental protection plan and develop the cleaner production program.

Vnxanh acts with modern industrial management manners, applies experiences and advance technologies from developed countries. Vnxanh is equipped with all research facilities to sets up and apply new technologies into the processing to create the best products for Customers. Vnxanh – The professional supplier in design, plan, technical, execute and manage all of environment project in different industries.

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